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Premium Website Domains

Over the years, we have purchased a large number of domain names, both for our own purposes and also for clients. Having now merged our regional cattery directories into the British Cattery Directory, the original regional domain names are now surplus to our needs. We use them, as is the case with this domain,, to forward visitors to the new website. As you can see from browsing this site, we also use it to generate links to some of the other websites we have built for people, or websites in our group.We have now decided to sell our unwanted domain names.

Domain Availability

The domain names shown below are registered to us and are currently available for sale. We are willing to sell the domain names on their own, but if you buy one of the domains and also want a website to go on it, we can also offer you a discounted price for website design, alway subject to agreement, of course. The domain name prices shown are not open to offer.

Domain Lists

Currently AvailablePrice£500£350£500
For Walks - Local Dog Walkers£1,500£1,500£1,000£350£400£500£400£500£500£100£400£350£400£350£450£350£350£450£450

Transferring a domain name

In case you don't know; you never 'own' a domain name. You pay an annual fee to have it registered in your name and use it. In effect, you rent the name. If a domain name is registered to someone, as with the domain names above, you pay the registered owner whatever fee is agreed, and then ownership of the domain is transferred via a simple paperwork exercise. Domain names are registered with and managed by a domain registrar, and you pay them an annual fee, which is usually between $10-$15, depending on domain type and registrar. The domain name is yours for as long as you maintain these annual payments. We use Godaddy as our domain registrars. The transfer process for a domain, after purchase, is easy and relatively painless. You can find the instructions from Godaddy here and as you can see it requires the buyer to register an account with Godaddy (free) before the ownership transfer can be done. You can of course use a different domain registrar if you prefer. The bulk of the process is performed by us.

Want to buy one of these domains?

If you'd like to buy one of the domains listed above, please use the form below to get in touch, remembering to tell us which domain you are interested in. We won't be updating this page often so we can't promise all the domains are still available at the time you are reading this.

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